It hasn’t always been like this - loud, white noise.

I think back to tree climbing days, my knees scraped and bruised, just to remind me, I am human. It was easier to feel human then, to sit in the silence, to look up at a big sky and to laugh at the clouds. To run and dance and yell and get bored, then do it again. Feelings weren’t hurt as much then, it’s much harder to say something looking into someone’s eyes, and it feels like all we did was look at each other. We really saw each other, messy and getting there, and it was nice. We were just humans. 
We don’t look at the trees as much. Or each other. We see each other through screens, we speak to each other in likes. And we do not remember how human we are. We scrape our knees and we photoshop them. We’ve lost track of how to show up as human to each other. We are drowning in the white noise of opinion, and we have forgotten how to sit in silence. We’ve forgotten how to run our fingers over the scrapes and the bruises. We’ve forgotten how to look at each other, in the eyes, from access the table - messy and getting there.