We have to stop feeding ourselves this crap that we need to be so put together. Every dinner party I’ve ever attended where people were trying to be their most put together self, was the most uncomfortable dinner party I’ve been to. I’ll tell you what we really crave- Walking into a kind of messy room filled with really messy people, throwing all of their messes into one big pile and having a good, deep, chuckle from the gut, over how much worse it could be. 

That’s the thing about messes, human ones, we weren’t equipped with the tools to clean them up fully. We don’t have the holy hardware to fix our own crap. Sure, we can polish them up really nice and swiffer the heck out of them, but at the end of the day, our messes are still just dirty. 

God has to come in with his deep cleaning grace. But here’s the thing- He doesn’t want us to be squeaky clean. He doesn’t want us to present ourselves to each other as perfect people. That’s not His Kingdom. His Kingdom is a bunch of broken, bleeding people, handing each other bandaids and grace. It’s loving the marginalized and the oddballs, the lost and the impossible to love. We are little sinners, falling short, entrusted with a Big love that never does.  

Coming from an eternal optimist, with a twist of realist and a masters degree in perspective- I’ll  be the first to tell you that more people are going to want to come over for dinner if you hand them your raw, beating and ugly heart- Will they be creeped out at first? Oh, you bet your bottom dollar. But they’ll come over for dinner, promise. Because we all just want to know that we’re not the only ones falling apart. We all want to be reassured that other people are broken and miserable and aching too, even in the face of a good, good life.

We scare people away when we forfeit our flaws and replace them with half truths about who we really are. 

If you take one thing with you out of this Tuesday, let it be this;

Do not be afraid to split yourself open. Flaunt all of your messes. Welcome people into your messy home. Let them sit with you on your unmade bed, let them cry, let yourself cry. Forfeit. And quit thinking that your swiffer wet jet 3000 is going to get the job done. Let God handle this one, friend. He doesn’t mind if you sit on the couch while he does some deep cleaning.