I've always been drawn to the peculiar. The odd, misfit type stuff. When I was little I had a giant sign on my bedroom wall that said "Be a fruit loop in a world full of Cheerios."

It seems like a recycled phrase, a goofy, catchy thing that people say just to say. But it was so true back then, to be a fruit loop in a world with a bunch of Cheerios, that was thrilling as a kid. Being the oddball out, the one with the quirky knock knock jokes that made everyone laugh. We all dreamed of that.

What happened? What event or moment or standard made us sink back into the boring, socially acceptable versions of ourselves & forget all about our dreams to be fruit loops. Instead, we convinced ourselves that the only way life would work out is if we were cheerios. That's Bologna.

I know I'm just standing up on this soapbox of a blog and shouting into the void, but you guys, I'm telling you that you've got to own who you are. If you don't now, you'll miss out on a lot. The good stuff, the really really good stuff happens when we set our pride down. When we dump our preconceptions over the ledge along with our concerns that we're not cool enough, and we just be. No masks or phony accents.

It sounds so easy. But it's really really hard. And a lot of days it sucks to walk into a place and say hey this is who I am, take it or leave it. Because a lot of people will choose to leave it. But you have to remember that those aren't people worth your time. At the end of the day, the people that watch you unravel, that see every last not so pretty piece of who you are, who you really truly are- those are the people that are worth your time. Those are the people who couldn't give two flapjacks about cheerios or fruit loops- those are the people who give a flapjack about you, the awkward and giddy and honest you.

Be that version of you for those people, for those go to the end of the earth with you type friends. You'll find them when you take off all the costumes you've convinced yourself to wear. I promise. And they're what you'll remember in the end, not how cool strangers thought you were.