I feel like I talk a lot about the things that we have wrong, the stuff that we misinterpret or make up.

Maybe it’s because we’re all professionals at trying to tell each other what to do while we have a plank in our own eye. We love to focus on the things that other people are doing wrong or doing right and tell our stuff to “shhhh” when it taps us on the shoulder. 

It’s easy to craft words to guide the human heart, to try to redirect our paths, but when it comes down to it, the only one with the remote control to our hearts is Him. We’re hideous in our assumptions, cruel in our accusations and we throw dirt all over beautiful things. BUT because of Him, we are good. 

I think everyone’s lives eventually get to a point of inexpressible exhale. An overwhelming calm, a holy forfeit, dropping stones and picking up light. It's what they call wandering into grace. God lays out the clues, and then He meets us there to celebrate.

I picture Him looking into this overwhelming darkness and aching for there to be light. Knowing that there was more, He wrote up the concept of you, the concept of me, the concept of us- each of us so uniquely our own- bizarre and quirky. Equipped with characteristics that were only ours, odd little messes of human. He wrote us to life with our very own stories, complete with passions and desires and plans. And then He put His light in us and sent us into the darkness.

Because of Him we are inherently purposeful. We are the big type of kind, the type that isn’t quiet about itself. Our footsteps are heavier because we walk with Him in our hearts, and He leaves the deepest imprints in the dirt. 

That’s not a small thing, friends. It’s true, we’re odd little messes of human, tornados for people, wreaking havoc with our judgement and refusals towards acceptance- But we have grace weaved into our tangled hair and our pointing fingers. And with an outstretched hand, God invites us to believe that.