Would our flaws still get 100 likes on Instagram?

Hey gang,

This is a little bit different than most of my posts on here, but bare with me. This January I took a class called 'communication in a virtual world' & quite honestly I took it because c'mon, it sounds pretty easy, right? Right. It was pretty easy, but more so, it was eye opening. It's not like I've been blind to the fact that we're all masquerading around as the perfect versions of ourselves on social media, but I guess I just keep brushing it off. I'm done doing that. I want to talk about it. Because I want to know what happens when it comes time for people to see the not so prettied up parts of ourselves. Would our flaws still get 100 likes on Instagram?

There's no denying that social media has become a silver screen for our very own highlight reels. It's as if everyone is at a movie theater loaded up with popcorn & candy watching the preview version of our lives- Where it looks like we have just the right amount of funny, enough but not too much romance, and even a little bit of the good kind of drama. They're captivated. We pull them in with our little show. But then they go to the actual movie and realize that all the good parts were squeezed into the preview. 

And I will be the first to admit that my preview makes me WORLDS cooler, more put together, more wise and more grace giving than I could ever even hope to be.

When did it come down to this? Pressing play on our lives & acting as if people will only watch if it looks exciting enough, pretty enough. We're being taught that we need to be kind of unique so that we stand out of the crowd but not TOO much otherwise ew no you'll just be a freak, you'll be asking for attention. When did it become 'be a little more of this and a little less of that' instead of JUST BE WHO YOU ARE???

Because what happens when you meet someone in ((heaven forbid)) person, and you've just had the worst day of your life but they've never seen you post about being sad on Instagram. Are you just going to hold that in? Or what if you run into someone and you're having a bad hair day but the selfie you posted 2 hours ago was from a few days ago when your hair looked great? Are you going to run away and avoid showing them your hair??? No. You guys, at the end of the day, we're all dealing with the same comparisons. We're all sitting around wishing we could pick pocket pieces of other peoples lives and claim them as our own.

I could not even attempt to get to the root of when it all began because it has always been a thing, it always will be a thing. But let me tell you what doesn't have to be a thing- pulling each other down with it. We basically shower in comparison and eat jealousy for breakfast, you guys & harvesting those things only harvests bitterness. Beating ourselves up over someone else's beautiful selfie adds yet another little drop of bitterness towards them and why? Because they were having a good hair day and we weren't? Because their window had good lighting? How ridiculous do we sound?! We aren't here to be just like each other. That's the freaking beauty of this disaster of life, we're all so colossally different. We're one big ole quirky community.

And that quirky community doesn't come together because of partial truths and well edited pictures on Instagram- that community walks into each others real homes, comes together over real messes, while sitting around real tables and spills real coffee on their shirts.

Because we're messy, we're all in search of good selfie lighting, we're all so much more broken than we let on & we're all just really afraid & hurting. Let's just embrace the out takes a little bit more.