It's more than the fuzzy socks and Michael Buble tunes

Waking up on this day of the year quite frankly gives me butterflies. I’m squeamish and giggly and scream at just about every opportunity out of pure anticipation. Today is laced with traditions, familiar faces and having the kind of belly laughs you hurt from later. It is one of this worlds truest forms of magic. There’s an extra emotion tacked onto the painfully childish grins and giddy chatter for me this year though.

It seems cliche to even have to say it, because when it comes down to it, I know we all know the real meaning of Christmas is when that little baby showed up and the entire world shook! He was born and the world picked up handfuls of grace and took one huge deep sigh of relief. That’s what we celebrate today. The grace among us. The holiness among us. The beauty among us. The FORGIVENESS among us. Him among us. 

We’re celebrating the guy who rocks our freaking socks every day and shows himself in every heartache, in every disaster in every snarl of hatred. He’s always there in the echo. And if it weren’t for him, this season would lack childlike wonder, it would lack excitement and anticipation, it would lack love and genuine light, it would lack giving and sharing and heart and we would all just be sitting around tearing open boxes covered in pretty paper. Because of him these things take meaning. Traditions of fuzzy socks and Christmas lights, hot cocoa and story books, fort making and bad dance moves, gift giving and stocking stuffing- The unexplainable feeling of Christmas spirit behind these things, the one that tingles a little bit, and quite literally makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside (you know the feeling)- that’s Him. He brings love and light and real magic and he throws them at us like confetti.

And I can’t help but think on this Christmas Eve morning as I sit here next to the Christmas tree wearing this cheesy kindergarten grin, typing so fast my fingers are almost moving on their own- that this day, this feeling, this grace we’re soaked in is all it takes to see the hurt in the world head on. I’m looking out the window of my life and I’m watching as everything falls apart; all of the hurt and fear and utter confusion and I just want to wrap the world up in a big warm blanket and tell it how much good is inside. I know it’s not that easy. We can’t change hearts. But the good news is, he can. And we can cover some ground for him while he works by lightening loads, by bringing to people better parts of who they are, parts they weren’t even aware existed. Incredible things happen when we love without ulterior motives.

So in this increasingly frightening time in this tiny world of ours, let us cram this day, this feeling of celebration and magic into a jar and carry it with us everywhere we go. Let us show off his light like annoying 2nd graders at show and tell. Let us leave people in less confusion of the world and more confusion of the purity of his love. Let’s leave people better in his name. 

And one last request, lets all wear fuzzy socks while doing it.

Also, if that felt like it was super serious, please just remember that I was wearing Christmas pajamas and matching fuzzy socks the entire time I wrote this.