Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness—

How it has been shrunk into such a one size fits all standard

& how we’re all starting to see it as this point a and point b desitantion.

Trying to learn it as if it comes with instructions and labeled parts.

Put this here, then attach this part to this part and plug in this chord to this thing and BAM you’ve got happiness

How ridiculous does is seem that we believe that nonsense?

But we do.


Well, because we’ve been trained in the art of comparing ourselves, pining over the triumphs of others as if their happiness could one day become our own.

But there was one very important thing that we were never taught quite in depth enough— Other peoples happiness can NEVER be our own.

No matter how hard we worked to attain the the same good things in another persons life in our own, they would never impact our happiness in the same way that they impact theirs.

For example, take your best friend—

Say you and your best friend spent an entire month doing the exact same thing everyday. Eating the same meals, doing the same workouts, interacting with the same people, working the same job. By the end of the month you would both feel ENTIRELY different. They would have taken joy out of certain things, while you took misery out of the very same ones.

Happiness is not one size fits all.

We are accumulations of every interaction we’ve ever had, little pieces of the people we’ve known and the experiences we’ve grown from. We draw our happiness from those things and from the things that we love, the things that are sometimes unexplainable. But the things that make us who we are.

There is no possible way that one other person can be an identical collection of the exact same experiences as you.

So grow and expand in the borders of your own skin and don’t try to squeeze yourself into someone else’s happiness- you won’t fit.

Wear your own proudly, comfortably, boldly.