Isn’t it just funny that we all walk around pretending that we know what we’re doing? We wake up in the morning, piece ourselves together, as lopsided as the pieces might be, and put on a mask made of the things that people have told us we’re not. Overcompensating for what we believe we lack. We walk out the door making sure to cover up the parts of ourselves that may not conform to the standards we’ve been forcefed.

As a part of young society, we are virtually handed a bucket full of traits that are expected of us. We’re born into a world of standards, and without even realizing it, striving for these becomes second nature. It’s sort of like riding a bike, once we’re introcuced to it, we do it without a second thought. We accept them, simply because we don’t know any better, it becomes reflex. So then we spend the majority of our lives trying to be a certain way. Wearing the clothes that are in, asscoaiting with the right people, pining over likes on instagram and favorites on tweets. It consumes us.

We don’t think about it on a daily basis, or even notice that doing these things is a problem most of the time, but conforming becomes our focus. We convince ourselves that it’s normal, that this is just how society is wired, this is what we’re here for. But it’s all temporary. Amidst shifting and bending ourselves every which way in order to fit into this box that society has created for us, something unbearable happens;

We lose who we are.

We go through our days with this facade- don’t lie now, we all wear one. And we act like everything is jolly good, not a worry in the world, we’ve got it all together. But we don’t. Not a single one of us. Every person has a seam coming undone, something that’s crippling them to the point of needing to cover it up. We’re all hurting, struggling, dealing with something that other people might not get.

Here’s the thing, we hurt right? But then we cover it up. We keep piling layer upon layer upon layer until our problem is buried so deep we don’t even remember which one is which. So then we have all these problems living rent free just underneath our skin and one misstep, one unkind word can send us spiraling. We’re not onions, why do we keep giving ourselves all these unnecessary layers?

Now, I certainly don’t have all the answers, I barely know what I’m doing most days. But I do know this; Most people have a hard time seeing past our layers, so they take the easy route, they make up their own idea of who we are and they roll with it. This makes things simpler for them. They can breathe easy thinking that they know who we are, but they don’t, at least most of the time, right? But then there’s this one Guy who knows EXACTLY who we are past all of the layers, He sees our heart in its purest of forms and He sees us as our best selves. He doesn’t need to make assumptions about who we are, because He created us. He made us the way we are for such specific reasons that we won’t be able to fully comprehend while we’re on this earth.

And here’s the thing, as flawed as we are and as broken as we feel, He doesn’t care. When He looks at us, He sees us for the best parts, the first layer He sees is the only one. He sees past our facades and our insecurities- To Him, they don’t even exist.

Here’s the way I see it, if we could all try to see ourselves how God sees us, think of how beautiful we would feel. We could wake up in the morning and be content in our flaws, because even if everyone else sees our fears, God sees our strength, and what more do we need?

So here’s my proposition, for you and for myself, remind yourself daily that you are the coolest kid around in God’s eyes, and He loves you through everything, literally everything. And then carry that way of thinking into how you treat others. Do your best to show people the person that He sees you as.