Am I having fun or does my Instagram make it look like I am?

I’m a big fan of Instagram. I think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread (which now that I’ve said that, it makes no sense becasue I have celiacs & can’t eat sliced bread). What I mean to say is, I think Instagram is a magical place.

BUT (there’s always a butt isn’t there?) (I mean but*) (Or do I? ;)) (THERE ARE SO MANY PARENTHASIS) (((()))))) Wow Kath, back on track. The thing about Instagram is we basically use it as a catalogue to portray our identity, right? And that’s the cool part, but it’s also the part that trips us up. In todays society we’re able to track the latest trends a millisecond after they come about. It has become all about staying on top of things, being the coolest, the hippest, the trendiest. What do those words even mean? And why do we want to be them? Our identity isn’t found in those shallow adjectives. Our identities are tucked away in the moments we’re flailing our limbs, laughing on the floor, caught in the times that we’re unaware of how much fun we’re having being alive. The moments that we could write novels about- the fleeting ones that feel like years-Driving in the car and the perfect song comes on and the people you’re with have known you at your worst and your best and everything is just so much more alive. Jesus meets us in those moments, and He hands us one more piece of who we really are. 

I’m posting this because I think we all, myself most definitely included, need a big, loud reminder that Instagram is for pictures not for false personas, for connections not for validation, for sharing words not for showing off. Instagram is not a popularity generator, a personality trait picker, or a free pass to judge other people. 

I just really think that we should all spend more time being excited about living and spend less time pretending that we are via our Instagrams.

We’re living in a really cool time where we have the access to this technology that allows us to reach like minded people and share in community with them. That’s what Instagram is about- community. Taking a picture that means something to you and sharing it with people who might find value in it. Writing or finding words that awaken something in you and sharing them in hopes that their healing power takes hold of someone else. 

I don’t know when social media became a hotbox for judgement, but I can tell you that that isn’t going to change until we become more loving versions of ourselves. We’re the reason behind the darkness of it, but we’re also the ones holding the flashlights that can outshine it. We’ve just got to remember to turn them on.