I've been reading your story

Your quiet drumbeat of a story

The catchy tune it makes

And if it's okay, I've been finishing sentences for you.

I've noticed you haven't written certain parts

And if it's okay, I've been putting myself in the empty spaces

You are everything but simple,

You make your bed every morning

And your floors are always clean

You smile and people get better

Your version of alive makes everyone feel seen

It makes them feel like the color gold

Like they are the reason the sky is lighting up the way it does at dusk

You make them feel loud

Like a song trickling out of a summer night window

Resting in ears of passerby's

You make them feel bigger

But smaller, too

Aware of their just right size in a not so right world

And I cannot believe how just right your quirks are

How well they fit your crooked smile

How they spill off of your rock solid character like raindrops

Like storms that people are thrilled about

Like sitting inside beaming about the thunder

About the rain pelting the roof

You make them feel this way

Glad to be inside

Glad to be living in the human they are

Glad to be glad, for once

And they are

But you more so

Because you care about peoples broken pieces

In ways I've never seen a heart care

It is so just right

And you are so just right

With your bonfire smelling clothes

And your flailing limb dance moves

You are written about so kindly in so many stories, my dear