I do not know how to meet misery in a graceful way

the two of us have never slow danced or laid together under the gentle night

We have never sat down for dinner or talked over a glass of wine

When we are together the sky begins to fall

the fire alarms are all going off and I cannot find the door

Misery makes me tell everyone that it has arrived

in the form of my silence, it is the loudest introduction 

My ears are still ringing

We discuss things with our lungs, by forgetting how to catch our breath

by running from each other in the same direction

and rummaging through the lost and found of our past together

Misery builds a crime scene and tells the police it was me

Misery opens my wounds and tells the clouds to rain salt water

Misery laughs in my face and convinces me it was a good joke


Misery is the only company that tells me the truth