I think people make the mistake of thinking that they need to romanticize the human race

turn messy into thunderstorms, volcanoes

Pull beauty out of fists in walls and broken trust 

But I am not a poem

I do not spill into similes when I laugh

or puddle in punctuation with every ache

I am a girl 

made out of lightning bolts and tantrum

Erupting every time Iā€™m touched

Loading my fists with storm so I can 

punch away the ugly

I am not a poem

I will not cry over your graceful exit

or make my sadness into a song

I will fight the wind with my stubborn 

and wrap myself in contentment 

until my smile knows how to live on its own

without the help of manufactured satisfaction

We are not poems

we do not fumble into constellations 

or trickle tear stained starry skies down our cheeks 

We are humans

We break and we shatter, messily

We fall and it is not gentle

it is a goddamn disaster every time we love

But that is the beauty of it,

the one little thing we have that is worth aching for

My god, we are a disaster

But that is what makes us beautifu