And in that moment I was electrocuted

looking at you, honey skin, your hand on my face

the moon smiling over the crown of your head,

that beautiful mind

erupting with the stars

And I saw it-

Our bodies are not meant to be seen as functions

they cry to be seen as the stars

as the orange tones settling into the night sky

when all the world has come to a hush

Our organs do not want to be seen as science,

but the very flowers growing beneath our feet,

Explosions of green after a storm, a deep breath after a long cry

the very things keeping us alive

Our skin begs to be seen as more than just skin

but as the sun, glowing with the power to light up the world

even on the days it thinks of itself as just the sun

The mirror to not be the enemy, rather a sheet of glass

Holding no power over the storms beneath the physics that we are labeled as

We are misunderstandings, chaotic veined beings, crying the sea

the beauty of the world is the beauty of you and me

As we spill ourselves out over the tragedies we scream-

our veins will still trickle with the sun through the trees