I’m a walking travesty but good god I hope you’ll take the best of me
Like the stutter in my lip and the tangles in my hair
I hope you’ll take the laughs and the smirks and the honey who cares
What they think
Because in the end we’re left with our bones
And soon after they’ll leave us too
We’ll have our actions and our motions and each step that we took
We’ll leave behind poems and stories and poorly presented jokes
Let me ask you if you’ve come to terms with yourself
On the days you’re the worst
How about the days you feel like sunshine
I know those are rare
But please take the parts of me that look hard to hold
Like my past and my leftover angst
from the nights my heart was hallowed out by a boy with withering charm
Because I’ve looked past your eyes
I’ve see all that’s good and I love you for it
I don’t mind picking out weeds now and then
I hope you’ll be human with me and trip over life
With a stumble in our lips as we tangle our feet in all that can go wrong
Nothing will be perfect and god knows I’m not
So hold my faults tightly like a bouquet of flowers
It may sound strange
But give them to me on valentines day
So I can remember they’re parts that can be loved
I can be loved