These are the times in life that cause me to rethink everything. And when I say everything, I mean that. The tiniest pieces of my life that I’ve overlooked, the nooks and crannies at the core of who I am. And I ask myself these questions:

Who are you living for? How much of your life have you spent rearranging things so that they look better to everyone else? Changing aspects of you to fit in? A lot? At the end of the day when you’re finally alone, are you more proud of yourself or the multiple people you pretend to be throughout the day? I hope you say the first one. That’s the only one that matters. 

Do you seek genuine conversation with people? Why not? Because you’re too busy moving through the motions of your day, too consumed with getting to the next step? You’re skipping over one of the few things that makes life less shitty: good witty real conversation with another human.

Who are you impressing? Other people? That’s great. It’s fun when people compliment your new shoes. But are you caring more about people’s opinion of your new shoes or your opinion of yourself? Even more importantly, you know that big guy upstairs? I bet He loves your new shoes. He probably thinks they rock. But he’s also impressed with you, new shoes or no new shoes. You should be too. 

Do you make people’s days? If you don’t, why? Do you tell people they look good when they do? You should. That goes far.