My mom always told me that I’ll need a man who can solve puzzles

and run fast

dodge bullets and chase moving trains

snatch stars out of the sky and climb up the sides of buildings to get closer to the sunlight

She said he’ll need to keep up with your misery and the ways you get sad all at once

for no reason at all

besides the fact that the sky was too blue today

He’ll need to know that your heartbeat is much too heavy for your own chest

your words are like firefighters, sprinting out of a tattered home

to rescue


He’ll need to read novels from end to beginning

relearn the way he once new things

to understand that your head is full of riddles

He should cover his lips with laughter and stubbornness

So he’ll have something to compete with your disaster

He’s gonna need a soft touch and tough hands

So he doesn’t scrape himself

on your tendency to fall apart without warning

He’ll get furious at your tantrum covered bones

But she always said,

Honey, the right one will understand that you put yourself back together

and you will,

you’ll always end up better than before

and here’s the kicker, he’ll still be there when you do