You told me you were anti emotion with salted tear drops escaping down your cheek

Called your heart armored as I felt it beat

rosy and warm, flatlining at the touch of me 

You said you were fast paced, never took the time for regrets

while I watched your ribs collapsing in your chest

You were a shitty liar, awful at best

You jellyfish fable, see-through skin

I watched all of your prettied up lies cave from within

You first love stealer, ugly side revealer

My dad warned me of danger, said I’d find ache

I just never knew it’d be in the form of translucent brown eyes, a drug I didn’t even have to take

I pinned my heart to your open wounds 

trying to mend the pain I saw in you

It soaked into your body like red wine

on white carpet,

it stained you and I saw it 

You broke me like a bad habit

that you were trying to shake 

I see now it was the only good decision you knew how to make

We were never star crossed lovers, or victims of cupids arrow

We were never anything deeper than where skin meets marrow

At least this is what I will keep telling myself, until it’s true-

until my heart doesn’t sink at the sound of you

I wrote our time up with my notebooks of poems and pain

and now I begin writing mine again