I laid in bed thinking, that was the difference.

You were a house fire, enclosed with flames, ready to burst

We were never built to last.

But he, he’s a forest fire, unexpected and wild

I am unworthy of his flames

He’s not here to destroy me, he’s letting me run free

It’s easy to put you to words because you never let me use any.

Burning holes in my skin from all the thoughts I held in

You see,

He’s been planting flowers in my most bitter parts, leaving me with softer ground to tread

I realize now, I was trapped in your aftermath,

the storm you tore me up with and left me with no rescue crew,

no paramedics to tape up my wounds

Just my shaken spirit and these photographs of your smile,

the times you made me believe this was something other than a car wreck

that I was in charge of

I was pounding the brakes but the tires were spinning,spinning, spinning,

sending us towards a violent nowhere

And little did I know you’ve had practice jumping

Well it turns out, so have I

Because I jumped out of the wreck of us

into the arms of my rescue