Dwelling on the minimalistic 

Intertwining facades and religion

Holding hearts to certain standards

When their own lips can’t fathom answers

We’ve become a generation of expectation

Plans and unspoken qualifications 

We let reputation outweigh learning

So we spend time memorizing instead of earning

You see, the school system has us hypnotized

to believe that letters and gpa’s are where our worth lies

So we end up frozen 

closing doors that were wide open

Now don’t get me wrong, I value education

Learning, growing and absorbing new information

But this idea that our futures lie in making the mark

is nonsensical to me, see it’s diminishing the spark

We’re the generation of ideas, dreams we want to make happen

The thought that being different is any kind of transgression

makes my heart beat faster 

for the path I’m chasing after

Because we’re the generation

of turning designs into creation

Trailblazing and new ideas of education

We’re the weird ones, free ones, do it on our own

So stop thinking you should do things how you were shown

We’re the generation of communication, connection making

The ones who’ve come before us can’t see it coming, but can feel the


We’re the generation of cracking open and redefining

Accepting and intertwining

We are the generation of day dreams taking flight

Undercover fires waiting to ignite,

And we will make a mark