I fell under the sky for a boy with pale blue eyes and a wit to tangle with the common

He tongue tied my smooth and replaced it with stumbling

over my words

nervous talking, moving my lips so quickly sparks flew from my mouth

It was a soul spinning sixteen

A first love, middle of the night, shiver at his name kind of thing,

see, it was a pull my feet back to the ground, comb the clouds out of my hair thing

He was tickle fights and trampoline kisses

movie watching, magnetic skin, puzzle piece bones,

wrapping around each other like we were holding onto gold

We knew what we had, snapping pictures in my head of his clover lips

crooked nose

sleepy eyes

I love you smile 

He took notes on the nervous in my shine

saw my feet taking off before they even left the ground 

So he bubblegum stuck my toes to the floor

Paper clipped his smile to the door

I couldn’t leave

So I lost my butterflies in his laugh, 

hoped I’d gain some of his in my chest

But he was already caught in a new storm

So instead I found a wolf under my skin 

where he used to live

and I stopped believing I was ever a sheep