You were sunshine. The good things. Heartbeats that don’t startle, rather, stumble in with a graceful inelegance, teetering. Always on the edge of something; disaster, contentment- but never quite finding their way to either. Mistaking the veins of life for railroad tracks to the next destination, the next adventure. You had a way of making each movement of a lung a brilliant adventure- every breath a moment of pure excitement. Contagiousness of being alive, laughter of a journey lived with a purpose. Never taking purpose too seriously, but instead making it a reminder that shit happens. We etch ourselves into peoples skin like tattoos that we never wanted there. But we always end up having one moment, at the most unexpected of times. While hallowing ourselves under the moons ferverent light- we look at our body, the shivering fragility of our earth shaken extremities, illuminated by a night so fleeting, and we appreciate something. Whether it be the constellations of freckles lining each arm, unspoken scars wearing their healing proud, monotonous fingerprints shadowing the parts of you that were once shared- We mend. And we find ourselves again beneath the tattoos of the past that we wear more proudly now.