The trouble is that people love out of a need
They treat it like it’s their job
They think
“Well, in order to be a normal, functioning part of society I have to fall in love”
Love doesn’t make you whole
Love gives you holes
It tears pieces of you apart until you can no longer claim your lungs as your own
And the breath circulating your ribs starts to become foreign
Loving out of desperation or some unspoken law
Drains you of your passion
Your desire to run through fields
And smile just because you can
It becomes this tedious cycle
Of searching
And searching
Until your bones are dry and the things that once made the world seem fascinating
Are distant memories
The one thing no one ever cares to teach kids is that
We are not defined by another person
We’re not made complete when someone is by our side or “filling our gaps”
We were put on this earth alone
Our bodies only contain one soul
One soul that is capable of dreaming on its own
Running stop signs
And sitting by itself at tables in coffee shops
Love is not a homework assignment
Nor is it a rule to be broken
Love is free and wild and chaotic
Waiting in corners of adventure
And books with complicated titles
In cities we, god forbid, go venture to
Love will find us
Dancing through grocery stores
And soaking in stories from strangers
Please never search for it
It will only run from you
It’s no movie romance novel or heart melting song
Trust me when I tell you
One morning when the sky seems sort of cloudy
And your throat hurts a little more than usual
Your heart will know