We ride the curves of each others words like roller coasters at amusement parks.

We constantly tangle the strings that attach us and we complain that the knots won’t come undone.

People are convinced that hearts don’t do the feeling and I just can’t get over the fact that mine keeps beating.

I’m breathing today, I just took another breath

and another

and another

The sun is climbing through my window, trying to tell me the story of how it met the moon

And here I am dizzying myself with mouths and arms and legs all carrying loads they aren’t indebted to 

My soul is panting with all the disaster it needs to feel

If the stars don’t show without the dark and the waves don’t exist without the sea

then I’m convinced without you all my flaws would ever be

are noise and jammed buttons on elevator doors

But you see the shadows on the moon

And I think without chaos the universe wouldn’t know how to feel

Even the sky knows what it’s like to leave tear stains behind

That’s why the grass is wet in the morning and the thunder crashes at night

When the lonely lay awake and the sky comes to join