Lungs coated in wanderlust
Like summer air trapped in winter nights
Punching at veins like war
My black and blues were never prepared for battle
They never heard of bootcamp
But I’ve seen tear stain fossils on cheeks
And I know sometimes ceiling fans are the most wind people shiver
Knocking on ribcages mistaken for jail bars
That will answer
Tear out my prison speak
Instill tree beaches where my bones once lived
Show me my poison
So I can kill with it
See the lives I’ve lived to ruin
Let me kill the people I used to be
Raindrop in their place
Puddle jump
I don’t need to learn how to surf a hurricane
When my body is already the aftermath
Repair my knotted hair and my torn up skin
But do not dare touch a hammer to my soul
Bring a nail anywhere near my drawers of serendipity
My mismatching conscience and technicolored plans
Because you can wind tunnel my parachute all you want
But you stand back while I fix its holes
And when the time comes for my toes to gamble with the ground
You let me be my own
Safe place
To land