“You’re a complex creature my dear”
I shadow in the dusk of my eyelids
Coming alive for the hurt
The pull, the touch
Of the trigger
Filling your bullets with balance
Training your humor to laugh with
The falling leaves
Praying for the tides to crash your shore
Not to stay
But kiss your lips with every salted promise they may break
You won’t break

Grow tantrum like your five years old
Smiling like the sun is something
You can touch
The sky
More than the color of your fear
A blue crayon
Scribbled across your wall
“Darling what is that?”
My wounds
Healing under the bandages of dishonesty
Promise me
You won’t stop tangling your ankles
In mischief
Double knot your happy’s
And stop seeing halos where your brain should be
They’re not always going to see
The tulip beds growing in your cheekbones
Carved from loneliness
That can only be described as
Let them pummel at your heart sing
Soul glow
Energy healing
Foot prints
And when the moon can no longer light your path
And the fireflies turn off their shine
Befriend the night
And never stop fighting with the moon