I think it’s important that you remember

Your bones were crafted from the dirt

and your veins are flower stems 

Sprouting brilliance into your earth stained heels

Dirtied from the concepts of society

Sore from running away from their passions

Every person we love is 75% water

and our skin cells were once parts of a star

We can’t keep telling ourselves that we’re not enough

We are made up of the world

The atmosphere itself

Our bones are covered by layers of 

the moon and leaves from trees

That we climbed when we were 8

Our skin serves as a passport 

Stamped by all the places we’ve been

And our cheeks whisper sweet melancholy

Of the sun and how it left them with nothing

But fleeting love in the form of freckles

And the night time treated us like we knew 

What we were doing

Alone with the thoughts of our skins purpose

And the novels written between our heartbeats

Crafting sonnets with each breath

and forgetting the poems our eyelids write

When the morning tugs on our contentment

Our ribs are meant to be tucked away

And our cheekbones are still built 

To smile under plenty of skin

Stop convincing your bones that they

Doing anything other than keeping you alive