On Mondays, I bite my nails more than usual, I’ve never understood why that is

I can’t explain a lot of things, like why my heart is on lockdown with a key hole

or why every passing stranger makes me sad, because I don’t know a thing about them

I’m not sure why I go into book stores and open cover after cover, searching for inscriptions

Tiny little words that meant universes to people

Fragments of a sentence that are filled with summertime memories from years ago

I’ve never been a fan of school, but I love learning

Especially about people and their hearts and their favorite kind of flowers

Sometimes I want to ask why it is they haven’t smiled in the past twenty minutes

No one wants to talk about themselves any further than their name and who it is they think society wants them to be

I wish I could ask every person I see what word they would use if they only had one left 

Or the memory they see the most often when they close their eyes

Maybe I will

I hope someday someone makes you want to use your voice box so much that you have to buy another because you wear it out so much

I hope they make you believe that the bags under your eyes are garden beds full of lilies 

And the dimples on your cheeks pockets to hold a little extra happiness

Someday someone will recognize you as a mystery, although you’ve known that your whole life

They’ll stop trying to solve you, in fact they’ll never try

I hope they will marvel in your jagged puzzle pieces and kiss your crooked smile goodnight

Content that they will never understand the city streets you ramble in your sleep

I hope that someday you find a person who memorizes each freckle on your face just because they want to make sure you never go missing

I hope you meet someone who spends the rest of their life trying to keep your heartbeat unsteady

and the corners of your lips turned up

Just so they can see the world as a better place

I hope they know that you spent your whole life writing them into words on bedroom walls, and palms of hands

Hoping they would hope the same things too

I know they will