Let’s go dancing in street lights

and screaming our songs 

so we don’t have to hold them in our beat up chests

our lungs are no home for the defeated

release them so they can find peace

laugh at the lines in the stories of our faces

how one day you showed up in mine

like plagiarism of the day I needed a sign

this world is our poem and we feel it

through our throats

when we swallow the kisses of love misunderstood

and bruises shaped like times we got back up again

I know we’ll always get back up again

The curves on your best spoken smiles tell me 

that my clumsiness is intoxicating

tangle up our tangible words and spill them like an accident 

on purpose

so the world can know of our disaster 

our young blood 

our fire

I need you to hold me 

in the places I’ve fallen apart the most

the stitches in me that will never tighten 

falling out of my open seams like spoiler alerts

I don’t want people to have to pay to see my movie

An unfinished book

story with an open mic

lips ready to wrap up names in the welcome mat

of my soul

I want you to know

that my bloodstream doesn’t always know when it’s Monday

and my feet move faster than my mouth

I tend to not say much at all

I stumble

on sidewalks



but mostly peoples hearts

on days when I’m down further than the sun that set last month

I crumple up my bones into a poem that I throw into the sky

I’ve never known why

phrases and words pressed against my skin

loosen my jail bars, let my heart breathe for a while

I’m injured far past my scraped up knees

but something tells me a soul with dents 

will always feel more

So when the street lights are dancing 

and we are feeling like the rain

I hope that you’ll catch me

so we can feel once again