15 September 2013

I never understood the excruciating melancholy of missing someone
Until your voice was through power lines and your kiss was only stains on my skin
Spelling out
I never knew my name until it came out of your mouth sounding like a poem
Written simply to make the sky seem bluer
And the change of seasons seem less lonely
I take my breaths like gusts of wind and wash my hair with memories of the good things
You taught me that no opinion has the ability to override the color in my veins
And that nothing can stop me from being alive except for my own beating heart
Allowing itself to think
That the wind is anything but the earth leaving its happiness in my hair
Each thing
Even the sand stuck to the bridges of my feet
Wants to be something more than the wrinkles on their forehead
And the late night whispers of bitter hearts
The wonderful thing is
We never have to stop counting grass blades
Or getting chills during songs that make us infinite
Just like I will never be told that I have to stop laughing in the pattern of your words
Keep me”