I learned at a young age to never trust a boy who closes his eyes under the stars
If he can’t handle the shine he can’t handle you baby, my mother would always tell me
I liked the way that sounded
“My shine”
Like I was more than just bones and skin pressed together
Laced with veins and blood pumping behind my surface
He’ll see your chaos and want to spend all of his time adding sparks to your fire
He won’t splash you with a bucket of water
Or re screw your feet to the ground
He’ll untie your strings and smile as you fly away
Baby he will understand the pain in your lungs
He won’t romanticize your tears or throw tissues at your terror
He will lay next to you and sing the song your worries fear the most
Your moonlight, laugh box breaker, soul dance partner will do all of these things
But you must never rely on his arrival to fill the gaps in your ribs
You have to use your lightning
Walk with earthquakes in your feet
Wipe away your tears with the courage I placed in your fingertips
When those boys try to tornado their way into your heart strings
You throw handfuls of dreamer and individualism in their eyes
Wrap self respect around their ankles and walk away with your thunder
They will try to find your scars
Don’t mistake that for healing
Fill your cheeks with ambitions and always tuck terror in your back pockets
Just in case
And when the day comes that a boy punches pride into your trap door
You turn off the light and find a new place to hide your shine
Don’t listen when they say you’re theirs
You are always your own
Hug your cloudy days and catch your rain drops like they’re lost kisses
Falling off of the lips of the sky
Looking for a safe place to land
Be a safe place
Do not let your skin be hard
Hold your head high like the moon is begging for your attention
But allow your bones to catch wishes from broken stars
And lastly, speak with grace
But, baby, give them hell