I’m too busy chasing laughter and moonlight, madness and chaos, adventure and flower stems to be bothered by words misconstrued into meaning things that don’t mean a thing at all. I love the way the sun shines down on my face when I’m feeling mediocre and suddenly my world becomes okay again. People can be that way too, healing- they have a way of making everything better. They’re not all complete idiots with eyelids covered in judgement and shoelaces tied with a triple knot. When’s the last time you made a random stranger smile? Probably too long ago. Fix that. Adjust your world so your feet don’t fit comfortably on the petals, let them hang over the edge, explore disaster. My fingernails are too short to collect dirt or the soil of the tired world, instead they pick up unfinished pieces of sentences and peoples stories who haven’t been given a chance. The souls of my shoes are covered in unseen smiles and kind boys hearts that have been walked all over. I wish I could say that I wasn’t the one doing the walking, but my old green sneakers call my bluff. Until I figure out that boys charming words aren’t supposed to fill my gaps I’m going to keep tucking dandelions behind my ears and laughing as loud as I can at jokes that aren’t funny.