My heart is heavy tonight. I’m looking at the stars and wondering if they’re ever sick of looking after us, watching us self destruct. They must be so heavy, carrying our wishes and late night thoughts. They may go to sleep when the sun arrives to take their place, but when they leave they take with them late night confessions and hidden tears, heartbreak and feelings left unsaid. We treat them like they’re magic genies, expecting them to fix us, change things, rearrange our ribcage so our heart can sit more comfortably. We’re always asking so much. Those iridescent specks of light hold universes inside of them, ones filled with each of us; our deepest fears and our first loves, hidden inside little orbs of light. They’ve kept our secrets since the day we learned to tell a lie. They return each night to remind us of their loyalty. Maybe there’s another reason they light the sky, but until I’m told otherwise, I’m going to continue to believe that they need us as much as we need them.