There is something to be said for people who radiate beauty and truth. I am so in awe of your talent to write what is most difficult to say, to feel the emotions we all try to tuck underneath our beds, to express your true self. I often times read and reread what you write because it is not only the most eloquently written thing, but it parrallels my life. I swear, we are soul sisters or something (even though I don't know you). I want you to know how far your writing goes in healing me and my confused-stressed-emotional self. Your passion for life is remarkable and you are certainly one of my favorite humans. Do not ever change, because the world is a better place because of you.


Sweet E,

“Aa;sjkdhf;lajdshf;kjahsdf;hdfhkdsjf” The previous statement was my inner dialogue and momentarily the actual audible noises coming out of my mouth when I read this. I honestly don’t even have words for how thankful I am for this message. I know it’s a cliche thing to say that you don’t understand how much it means to me, and I know that it may sound like a copout. But I mean every word, because I am utterly positive that people don’t fully understand how much it means to me when my words impact them in any type of way. That’s all I could dream of, and to be able to reach other hearts in a way that tangible things aren’t able to, that’s magic for me. Thank you for taking part in that with me. 

Yours Truly,

Your soul sister The Damsel