A Proposition

Hello Damsel-

GAH. When I first found your blog and started reading, I loved, loved, loved it. BUT, though I'm only 16, it was against my better judgment at first to jump onboard with that advice of yours - you're only in your 20s!!- but oh, my dear Kath (can I call you that?) every post I read beats true and I feel the rightness of it in my bones. You have such a gift of taking these things that I already know to be true and turning them inside out so that they make sense again. So thank you a million times over. 
Anyway all this showering of praise leads to my question.... will you publish a book?
It might not be a NY Times bestseller but it would sure touch some lives. A book of poems, or ramblings, or a flipping memoir - whatever you want - because I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to have a tangible copy of this art you create instead of looking at it through a cracked iPhone screen :) Maybe you're already thinking of it, but I'm here to say, TRY IT!! Pleeeease. Or I might have to print every page of your blog off myself and staple them together to keep in my nightstand drawer :)


Purely selfish

So first of all: You are SIXTEEN and you speak like freaking Henry David Thoreau. Girl, you are articulate as heck, so much wisdom behind those words of yours! I am genuinely ecstatic for your bright future just based off of an advice message on my blog. Holy moly.

Second of all: I could cry at how kind you are. Okay, just kidding I actually am crying. WHAT. Thank you so much for believing in my words so wholeheartedly, that really means more to me than you could ever understand.

I may or not be working on one of those book things- but speaking hypothetically if I were, Iā€™d be sure to keep you guys posted on it. ;) 

So much love for you, my girl!

Yours Truly,

The Damsel