If you are the governor of creepville then I guess I'm the vice governor (if that were a thing). I like to live vicariously through other's adventures and struggles and messy lives, and I've got to say that exploring your blog and reading your poems and taking in the advice you've given to others makes life seem just that little bit more clear. I tend to identify with strangers far too easily, but I think that on some level of ourselves, we are the same.


Jane/John Doe


Dear Jane and or John,

MESSY. Yes. I love journeying with every little messy life. There are so many of them, we’re all messy. We’re all just neatly cleaned rooms with disasters for closets. I’m so glad that you brought this up because sometimes I forget how perfect messy is, how underestimated, how true and real it is. There is nothing more genuine than letting someone into your own bizarre little world and showing them your messy, full force.

I’m getting way off track and it sounds so strange but I want to tell everyone right now that letting people see your messy is GOOD. Don’t throw your entire bin of dirty clothes on them, but give them a sneak peak of your fears, cry when you’re not okay, laugh when you are, do both at the same time, write them a poem, show them the spot you go when the world is falling on top of you- let people in. 

And lastly, let’s be pals, real life.

Yours Truly,

The Damsel