Valentines Thought


I'm going to remain anonymous here. I just want to say that I've been going through some hard moments in the past six months, both personally and with regards to my work, relationships, and that jazz. Your words, although simple, have helped me to remain true to myself, and kept my eyes set on the beauty of life. So thank you. Just know that your words are touching people, and if I would muster up any sort of gushy non-creepy courage, I'd ask you to be my Valentine.

You're a beautiful human, and you better believe you've brought out the beautiful human in me.




Dear A A,

I read this while sitting in Starbucks and audibly squealed which is something I do often, but this time it felt different. It’s one thing to hear that people enjoy reading my words, but it’s another to hear that they impact them, that they lift them out of things. Words have an unspeakable power to get to a part of the soul that most things can’t reach. 

Something has been happening recently; I’ll walk outside at 3:30 pm and I no longer feel like a car crash or a firework show. I don’t feel like my misery is making a lot of noise. I’m learning to take up a lot of space without saying a word, stretch out my arms without bumping into people. Words have rescued me from the slavery of my own hurt, from the self inflicted wounds of lonely, they have drawn me maps to places I didn’t fathom existed. And I want that more than anything in this worldly place for other people. I want people to wander into their safe place.

Thank you for stepping out and telling me this, it’s another reminder how good people are. You are wonderful. Hopefully sometime in this life we’ll bump shoulders in a coffee shop. :)


Yours Truly,

The Damsel