Hi hello,

1. Lerv the blog. The insta too. Appreciate your soul-full (soul-filled) werds. 

2. Just curious... (bear with me...) I've been thinking uhlot about what it means to lerv. What are your thoughts? In my context, I'm thinking of my significant other. He's pretty special. I lerv the way he lervs Yahweh and people. He cares about me deeply. I hope I do the same. But what does that mean? I get that TRU LERV truly comes from the God Almighty himself, demonstrated by himself for us, humankind. WOWZERS. My man and I were discussing, does lerv mean that there is or is not needs? Do I need him? Does he need me? I do not need him to complete me, but I would like to think that the needs I have will be fulfilled in the Lord through him... but he disagrees, saying that we should not need each other, that it is a freeing thing to know that we will never need each other. But what does to lerv someone mean then? To you, when you say you were/are/will be in lerv, with someone or something, friend or lerver, what does that mean to you? Hopefully my rambling question is comprehendible. 

3. Have you ever heard of Ann Voskamp? I enjoyed her book, it was the first one I have found that speaks the language and the cadence of my soul. Perhaps you could enjoy it too?

Thanks friend.


Altered Ego


My dearest Altered Ego (clever by the way),

I’m a little thrown off by your usage of “lerv.” Mostly because when I read it I say it audibly in my head in this ‘awkward dad taking pictures at prom’ kind of voice, where he’s trying to be hip. Sort of like “Er my gersh, you kids could sew be in lerv.” And then I just get really creeped out. So we’re going to pretend it says love instead. 

Moving on. Such a good question. 

Yes, pure, unfiltered, unending love comes from that big ole teddy bear upstairs. He will always be enough, he always has been. We should never lean on another human the way that we lean on God and we should never give someone else the false power over our lives that God ultimately has. No human love can ever compare to the love he has for us. BUT that doesn’t mean that we aren’t supposed to lean on each other. This world is a scary, corrupted place and we need each other. 

I know I can’t give you the precise reason for why we were put here but I do know that it sure as heck wasn’t to be alone.

In my experience, to be in love means being fascinated with someones oddities, their ticks, their flaws, the itsy bitsy little things that other people don’t as much as notice. It means giddy and easy and mutual bad puns. Being in love is a deep breath after a long day, a safe place to come home to. To me, being in love is having a really good hiding place that no one else knows about, but when you go there you can lay everything out on the table and watch as the other person grins at your catastrophes. When you’re in love with someone, completely and unoplagetically in love with them, you become a better version of yourself. You become the cheery little 2nd grader that has always been deep down inside of you, you’re simpler and more complex all spun into one.

I guess what I’m getting at is it is I have been in love, it is an earth shattering thing. It is the closest thing to magic we will ever be able to find here and I am forever changed by it. So, please be in love with another human, throw yourself into it. What would life be if we didn’t fall in love, out of love, back into it?! Love between two people here on earth is Gods way of humanizing himself and letting himself be known here. HOW FREAKIN COOL. 

I love love, I love God and I love you.

Yours Truly,

The Damsel