Hello pretty girl!

Before I even begin, I must say, from the first piece I read of yours I fell in love. Your thoughtful words have brought so much healing to my crazy soul and makes me feel 20x less alone. You truly have an astonishing gift. I find myself in your words (and your style...I would wear denim every day if I had the choice). So thank you, thank you for your vulnerability of sharing the world your raw thoughts. Never give up on that, ever.

As for myself, I have always been somewhat of a "writer" mostly with music. Slowly I have strayed away from that when I took a trip to Banff and indulged myself into climbing, minimal showers, hostels and meeting such inspiring people from all over. I found a new love for writing, expressing and being myself. This is also around the time I came across your instagram. Perfect timing. I am however, having trouble on where to start. I fear my words aren't enough, I want to leave someone speechless and with hope...just as you've done for me. I have thought about starting a blog, I have so many pieces I wish share, but don't know how. Any thoughts?

- Anyways, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this. You're truly a gifted human, I like to think if we met we would be great friends! Who knows, maybe one day! I've learnt life is pretty unpredictable these days!!


Just another girl Xo

My denim twin,

GOSH. Girl. This gives me straight up chills. God has such a beautiful way of connecting hearts through mutual human experience, especially our brokenness. I’m so grateful to connect with souls like you. It’s so special.

Let me start by telling you- YOUR WORDS ARE ENOUGH. They are so enough. The really special thing about writing is that there are no rules. There is no instruction manual on how to feel. The only way to start is just to dig into your heart and grab onto something that hurts, something that gives you a little pinch and reminds you why you’re alive. And then put it on paper. Spew out your inner most feelings. When you do that, it means something, and it means something because you said it.

The other really magical thing about writing is that it means one thing to you and might mean something entirely different to someone reading it. But there you both are, human hearts, broken, messy, and feeling.

The best time to start a blog is when you think you don’t know how to start a blog. That’s when the raw stuff shines through. If you sit around waiting for when you know everything, I promise you you’ll be sitting around for too long. SO START THAT BLOG. Share your beautiful wonderful heart. Let people feel because of it.

Do it afraid. Do it raw. Do it human.

Yours Truly,

The Damsel