yes hello

My problem is that I feel like your soul and my soul are very aligned, only I don't actually know you.

Girlcrush2015 Christmas

Hey hi hello greetings,

Let me tell you one thing I’ve learned in these short 21 years of mine, there’s absolutely nothing stopping us from connecting with people besides ourselves. I always hear people saying, “It’s creepy to follow that person you don’t know on instagram” or “Stop.. why would you go up and say hi to that person you know from social media, that’s weird.” And I’m here to say, WHY WOULDN’T YOU??

If you think someone does cool things with their life and looks like the type of human you’d get along with, what’s the harm in introducing yourself or going out of your way to get to know them? I have made some of my greatest friendships in unlikely circumstances where I’ve put myself out there. And I’m here to tell you folks, it’s worth it. We were made to do this life with other people and there are SO many of them out there, I get excited and overwhelmed and giddy just thinking about all the souls out there I could get to know. 

That entire rant just to say, HI! Thank you for reaching out! Please know me. I am itching to learn about your world! 

Yours truly,

The Damsel