Cherishing the damsel

Hi sweets, 

We don't know each other at all (creepy, huh?)... but I want affirm your blog! I absolutely adore your poems and style of writing -- Thanks for being raw and using painful experiences to produce truth and beauty. 
I've realized that we are all dearly and deeply connected by our hidden insecurities and heartache - thanks for unveiling yours and leaving me to not feel so alone

Keep it up dude - you got some incredible talent & you seem to be a marvelous human being


hell nah

You sweet soul,

Let’s start off by sayin that you’re speaking to the gal who begins conversations with people she’s never met by referencing their trip to Paris in 2012 only because she’s seen it on social media. I’m the queen of creep town. The governor of creep ville. So put all this “creepy” stuff in the recycling bin. 

Second, HOLY COW. This honestly means so much more to me than I think you understand. Thank you x a gajillion. The whole reason I post any of my writing online is because I hope and I hope and I hope that someone hurting will read those words and find something in them that lights a little spark, maybe something that stitches their wounds up just a tiny bit more. That people will find endless reasons to rejoice about this wonderful messy life with me. Or even just for someone to know that they are not alone in what they’re feeling.

So to hear that from you, to hear that it actually works, even if it’s just gotten to one heart, actually makes me want to cry. (Which I do a lot of now, apparently. Aka when Taylor Swift’s mom presented her award to her on the AMAs...?) Really though, this means so much to me, thank you for taking the time to tell me. That goes a long way. :)

Yours truly,

The (blushing) Damsel