Sometimes I just feel so insignificant... Always supporting others and listening and advising, but I realised recently that people want just what they can receive, and they don't care about me as a person... I so badly want to feel "seen" and worthy of someone's interest.


Ginger Spice

My dear Spice,

Though your thoughts aren’t completely unjustified, I think you’re missing pieces to the puzzle you’ve got sitting on your table. People are messy, they’re capable of so much evil but they are also this worlds truest form of magic. They can push us over the edge to rock bottom, but they’re capable of pulling us out of it too. There’s no way to generalize intentions, every single person has a unique set of their own. 

Trust me I get it, sometimes people suck. Every single one of us. And when you go through dry spells void of humans who don’t suck, it makes it difficult to remember all of the good ones. But there are always good ones. And you must not forget that everyone has wars of their own, and some days are scarier than others. Always remember that there’s more behind someone’s anger or negativity. We don’t know what battle they’re in.

The thing is, dear Spice, you are seen. You are so seen. And you are dang interesting too. I bet you any money I could ask five random people from your life what they think about you and drown in a flood of high praises. The trick in life Spice, is to not let the people who treat you badly win. And the way you do that is by going on living your wonderful, beautiful miracle of a life and keeping the good people close by. 

Next time you feel cynical about humans, just step back, maybe scream in a pillow, and then make a list of all the ones you love.

Yours truly,

The Damsel