Girls are difficult

So I have developed a huge crush on this girl that I have a few classes with and would like to ask her out. The only issue is that I know she sort of has a thing with this guy (not sure how serious it is) that goes to another school and the reason they aren't really dating is because she is studying abroad next semester. So I think it would be a little pointless to ask her out since I know that she isn't dating other people since she is leaving. 
So do you think I should wait and see what happens or go for it?!


Frank Sinatra

Frank my man,

First, I'm going to ask you to put on the pants. I don't care if they're corduroy, demin or freaking zip offs. Just put em on. You are a smooth, charming and witty man, Frank.

If you really like this girl, her going away isn't going to change that. You're just going to sit around the entire time she is gone and beat yourself up over the fact that you didn't do anything about it. Worst case scenario, you tell her how you feel and she gets super weirded out, thinks you're a complete freak and doesn't talk to you. BUT THEN, she studies abroad and you have all that time that she's gone to move past it and by the time she comes back the whole thing will have blown over and it won't be awkward anymore. 

But I'll bet my bottom dollar that won't happen, Frank. Tell her how you feel. You'll never regret being honest.

Yours truly,

The Damsel