"Best friends"

My best friend banged my girlfriend and he claims to still be my best friend. Idk what to do about it


Blake Bailey


Can I call you Blakester? I decided for us that we’re on a nickname level. We’d be better best friends than you and that buffoon. Can we have a secret handshake? I'll get back to you on that part.

Honestly, I could get all philosophical about this, but in reality, that’s just a shitty thing to do, point blank. I’m not saying you should hate him or treat him as badly as he treated you, because that would just be stooping down to his level. I’m saying, move on, be the bigger man in the situation. 

The same goes for your ex- it takes two to tango, Blakester. Clearly she was in on the scheme. Move on. You don’t deserve that, any of it. So say peace out, don’t give them the time of day and don’t waste your energy on revenge. Let those two feel scummy about their lives on their own, they won’t need any assistance from you in that category. 

Yours truly,

The Damsel