Hi friends! It's me... Kath.

I'm a writer of words and a feeler of feelings.

I have a difficult time summing things like "about me's" up, because I fear that I won't know the answer to who I am before the sentence ends. You see, for the past 24 years I've been this thing I call a work in progress. I love the way that sounds, like there's never a wrong answer to being myself, or an end.

I have spent most of my life bringing poems to fist fights and similes as party favors. I carry metaphors in my pockets as if they are spare change, hoping that they'll be worth something someday. 

I had a bowl cut until I was 10, I never remember to take the hair tie off of my wrist for important pictures and I own an unreasonable amount of denim jackets. My favorite word is perturbed - for no reason other than, it makes me sound intelligent, I have an embarrassing affinity for elderly people and I should not know how many days there are until Christmas in the middle of June - but alas, I always do. I love red wine and bad jokes and I think that you are the most interesting person I have ever met. 

Lastly, I've got a terrible knack for falling apart, but lucky for me, my main hobby includes, piecing things together. And God has these big hands for holding onto the pieces, and handing them to me when I am ready for them.

And that's what I'm doing here - I'm piecing things together. Word by word. Step by step. And after every punctuation mark, I'm falling more wildly in love with this strange and painful and blindingly beautiful life.